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A Fresh Take on Vintage Style

Attention stylish Chicagoans seeking fashions, accessories, and house wares with unmatched pedigree and panache: There’s a boutique in town that promises to deliver all that and more. Seek Vintage, located in Chicago’s trendy West Town neighborhood. A treasure trove of outrageous style and heirloom quality at accessible prices, every piece in the shop—from designer handbags and Bakelite jewelry to “Mad Men”-style barware and Martha-worthy cookery—is in pristine condition and always one-of-a-kind. Seek Vintage prides itself on its contemporary, eclectic, and design-driven approach to the vintage category. Founded by vintage hound Chris Hunt, Seek Vintage’s inventory has been cherry-picked on countless cross-country thrifting adventures. The result is a carefully-edited selection of apparel and house wares spanning the 1930’s through the ‘80s. Fashionistas will swoon for the Halston gowns circa 1970; home cooks will revel in the Pyrex baking dishes from the ’50s; collectors of all kinds will delight in the shop’s extensive collection of Americana and other curiosities. The store is a goldmine—not just of vintage items, but of timeless inspiration.

“A big part of Seek is about redefining ‘vintage’ for the consumer,” said Hunt. “To me, it’s about history and quality, style and sustainability, intrigue and integrity. I hope I’ve succeeded in communicating my excitement in every aspect of the store.”


The 1,300-square foot space is carefully-organized, easy to navigate, and charming at every turn. True to Hunt’s thrifting passion and philosophy, he designed the space using mainly vintage materials. Tables and pedestals were acquired from a shop down the street and he collected mannequins, displays, and hardware for years in preparation for the shop. Even gift boxes have been carefully considered; they are handmade from vinyl record covers. While this may not have been the prime motivation—aesthetics and principle trumps here—the fact remains: Vintage is recycling at its most refined. Shoppers will leave Seek Vintage with extraordinary items they won’t find anywhere else; the reassuring knowledge that they made a very “green” choice in the process is just a bonus.


If curating such a diverse collection of quirky, high-caliber goods feels like hard work, it was a labor of love for the Seek Vintage founder. The shop is the result of a decade-long dream.


“Let me travel, let me dig, leave the reconnaissance and restoration to me,” said Hunt. “I live for the moment when I spot something truly special in the most unlikely of places. If it didn’t stop me in my tracks, you won’t find it on the shelves at Seek Vintage.”


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